School Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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School Bullying
Susan Polk
Chamberlain School of Nursing School Bullying
Tyler Clementi 18, a freshman in college. Phoebe Prince 15, a high school sophomore. Jamey Rodemeyer 14, a freshman in high school. Megan Meier 13, an eighth grade middle school student. Mitchell Wilson 11, a sixth grade middle school student. Ashlynn Conner 10, a fifth grade elementary school. They are all victims of bullying and today they are all dead from suicide because of being bullied. Bullies are in elementary/middle/high/ schools, colleges, universities, and in the workplace. Being able to identify a situation that can be defined as bullying is of upmost importance, but it is equally as important to understand when a situation is not bullying. Understanding the signs and properly identifying bullies (or not) are the first keys to help stop victims from being bullied.
“Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behavior by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group that is intended to cause harm distress fear” (What is bullying). Both boys and girls are victims of bullying. It has a negative affect on self-esteem and can even lead to suicide or violent retaliation. Because most kids do not tell anyone that they are being bullied, parents, teachers and school administrators need to be aware of the signs of a child being bullied. School should be a safe place, but it is the primary place bullying occurs. “Bullying takes place most often

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