School Bullying : Bystander Power Essay

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School Bullying: Bystander Power Frequently in our society, the news includes another tragic story of a bully victim committing suicide or striking out. Hailee in Nevada, Tyler in Georgia and Bart in Connecticut were all bullied to a tragic end. These are only three examples of the many news stories of children who committed suicide because we have yet to identify the solution to stop bullying. We all should agree, incidents like this should never occur. Additionally, no one knows how many children are considering suicide at this very moment. The psychological and physical toll the stress of being bullied has may not be as widely reported as the suicides, but it impacts numerous children daily. School bullying prevention programs cannot continue to primarily focus on punishments and counseling for bullies and victims. First, we must acknowledge the importance of bystander influence. Then as an integral part of the solution to bullying, we must educate bystanders regarding their impact and how to take appropriate action. Bullying: The Current State The statistics on bullying are alarming with 25% of students being bullied, 8% staying home to avoid being bullied and greater than 40% report fear of being bullied (STOMP Out Bullying™, 2016). We are punishing the bullies and supporting the victims to no avail. Despite the national focus on bullying, the problem continues and appears on the rise with the introduction of cyberbullying. “PACER”, “Stop Bullying”,

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