School Bullying Essay

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Many people do not realize how serious bullying has become. If you look at statistics suicides due to bullying have increased over just a few short years. This has become a very big problem for not only the victim but the bully as well as it affect both of them. School bullying is mentally destructive to not only the victims, but bullies because of the harmful words, harassment, and physical violence involved as well as the consequences for the bully. The general definition of bullying is, “… [This] states that a person is being bullied when he or she is exposed repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons” (Aluede et al. 3). There are two different variations in bullying type such as direct and…show more content…
The most common type of bullying among females is verbal bullying (“Verbal Bullying” 1). This type of psychological bullying uses derogatory terms to demean, or lower, the victim in the eyes of others to show that the bully has power over them (“Verbal Bullying” 1). This causes the person to have low self-esteem and develop depression in that victim (“Verbal Bullying” 1). Verbal bullying is the most psychologically damaging and lasts well into adulthood (Aluede et al. 6). “[Words] have a power all their own, and the realities of verbal bullying can have very physical consequences, even if the aggressor never lays a finger on the victim” (“Verbal Bullying” 1) In more severe cases of verbal bullying, or any bullying for that matter, can lead to drugs because the victim wants to escape his or her tortured life, in more extreme cases if the person’s depression worsens it could lead to suicide (“Verbal Bullying” 1). The well-organized ripping away of respect and affection is called, emotional [bullying] ( 1). Emotional bullying can be as simple as ignoring the person’s feelings, not listening, forcing the victim to do something they would not normally do, and by laying a guilt trip on the victims backs to manipulate that person to do what the bully want ( 1). “Emotional [bullying] leaves the victim with hidden scars that often result in insecurity, poor self-esteem,

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