School Bullying and Violence

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Part 1 Cover Letter - The purpose of this essay was to both call attention to and inform an audience about the issue of school bullying and violence. Research shows that the issue is far more prevalent than expected, and is gender neutral. What is surprising in these findings point to the fact that the statistics regarding bullying are not, as one might expect, focused predominantly on boys. While boys and girls mature and socially interact differently, 30-40% of the bullying reported above occurs with "mean girls," or girls who bully. Because of the manner in which girls socialize, sometimes it is more difficult to recognize girl bullies, at least at a younger age. The tactics, in fact, used by "mean girls" are somewhat distorted versions of socio-psychological development. For instance, when girls bully, they use tactics like alienation, ostracism, deliberate and calculated random exclusions, and deliberate gossip and rumor used to harass (Simmons). There is a great deal of research, for both the scholar and intelligent layperson, on the subject. There was no difficulty in finding current literature with statistics and information for students and parents to help mitigate the issue. The topic was of interest to me because I was among those who were victims of violence while in middle and senior high school. At the time it was simply considered part of the "hazing" process, and there were very little options for a scared student. In fact, there were times that the
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