School Bullying in Vietnam

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1.Introduction One of the most serious educational issues which are concerned by public in recent years is school violence. Bullying is a typical type of that.It is not a new problem in the world today, especially in Vietnam this matter has long become a national serious issue, a burden for all the teachers and administrators across the country. According to the Dantri Internet, by the year 2011, phenomenon “school violence” became a hot issue in society (Nguyen 2011). In fact, there are so many recurring causes leading to eruption of school bullying. As a consequence, It brings many nagetive effects to chidren, not only child who is bullied but also bullies. However, it is not easy for school and society to evaluate and find out…show more content…
A 2007 student mental health survey conducted by the Hanoi Health Department with the University of Melbourne showed that nearly 20 percent of 21,960 surveyed students between 10-16 years old had mental health issues (vietnamnet 2009). Nevertheless, kids are not only ones to blame on when students play truant but also schools which need to blame themselves (SGTT 2011). Some educators argued that a lack of on-campus counseling could be part of the problem (vietnamnet 2009). Hoang Ba Thinh – director of the Center for Population Studies and Social Work at the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities noted that over 50 percent of schoolgirls exhibiting violent behavior said their parents don’t show much care for them, while nearly 15 percent said they received no care from their parents(vietnamnet 2009). Especially, nearly 85 percent of the schoolgirls who had been in fights said violence was employed in their families (vietnamnet 2009). Therefore, it is understandable that bullying can happen easily in student life by extremely convenient conditions. 2.3. Effects of school bullying According to Hamel (2012) bullying in is a major problem for many children that can harm both the child that is picked on and the bully. Anderson claimed that the bullied children will typically suffer
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