School Children with Diabetes

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In our society today, the number of people that are diagnosed with diabetes is increasing. Diabetes is caused by many factors like genetics, inactivity, and obesity. With obesity on the rise in our country, so is diabetes especially in young children. With the fattening and unhealthy foods provided by fast food chains and grocery stores, children are the ones that diabetes is affecting the most, by causing them to have higher chances of being diagnosed with diabetes. According to Kim and Lee (2008), the rates of childhood obesity have tripled over the past three decades. Childhood obesity is becoming a problem for many youth in our society, with more youth being overweight and inactive increases the chances for them to be diagnosed…show more content…
This act would help children develop and individualized health care plan, which would map out the best foods for them to consume. This health care plan could be something fun for a child. For example, a child can make their own chart, by putting their own personality to the chart makes it more fun and also by putting pictures of each food make it creative and not dull and boring for a child. This is a great skill for children for their future, since it would teach the proper nutrition for someone diagnose with diabetes to follow. Children who have diabetes depending on what type, needs a certain amount of insulin either daily or hourly. This act gives the children time and space to check and monitor their blood sugar level anywhere on school grounds. In addition, someone at the school needs to be trained to be able to give glucagon to children when needed according to their health care plan (North Carolina's Care for School Children with Diabetes Act, n.d.). This health care plan will include how many times a child needs to check their blood glucose, insulin administration, timing of meals and snacks, systems of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and participation in physically activity. Hopefully with this act children will be able to monitor their diabetes anywhere in school, have an individualized health care plan, and to have support from the teachers and school staff that learn and train to help and care for these children. The children’s parent/guardian will
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