School Choice Argument Paper

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School Choice Argument Paper
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As an American taxpayer I personally agree with school choice as I studied at a public school and understand the differences between public and private education. Parents should be able to use these state-issued debit cards to decide which type of educational institution they want to send their child to. The counterargument to this is that taxpayers’ money is going back into the private trust rather than into the public school institution. School choice means providing this funding for low income students who live in school zones with lower quality schools. If a family can, with these state-issued cards, send their child to private school, then they should be able to do so as it provides a great opportunity for advancement. In this regard, school choice is a “vehicle to help improve inner cities and to provide options particularly for low-income families trapped in failing schools” (Swaby). However, any person in charge of the education system, especially the newly appointed Betsy DeVos, should have a very extensive background in education and should have
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However, not all of them have a history in education, and while this can bring diversity and different perspectives into an educational board, it simply doesn’t seem right that they are controlling educational services if they have little to no hands-on experience with the institutions they are governing. Stricter qualifications should be required for any person looking to hold office in an educational institution just in the same way that doctors are required to complete residencies in their field before performing medical work and lawyers are required additional training before practicing
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