School Choice Argumentative Analysis

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In the argumentative essay “School Choice – An Educational Custom Fit,” student Mark Liles argues that people are diminishing behind in the times, and there needs to be a sense of change in education. In the article National Center for Education Statics, they talk about the percentage of students in public schools and private schools. In 2007, public schools went from 49.3 million students to 49.8 million students in 2012 with a total of 1% increase, private schools in 2007 decreased from 5.9 million students to 5.2 million students with a total of 12% decrease. Liles also argues that parents should have a choice on what schools their children should go to “both charter schools and school voucher programs are collectively referred to as ‘school…show more content…
The NEA focused more on what best for employees rather than the students. The NEA is the National Education Associations, representing public education professionals “The positions the NEA has taken on other issues have often been criticized as favoring the labor interests of its members rather than what’s best for students.” (Liles) The NEA has been highly against school vouchers that do not allow students to go to a private school. Therefore, forcing them to go to a public school where the education is not on a higher standard than the private schools. NEA does give the citizens the choice to obtain portions of their tax dollars which would of went to the public schools, and put it to the school of their choosing. Even though the NEA has a disagreement against school vouchers, it is up to the citizens now to make the most appropriate decisions on where the tax dollars should go to; the private schools to put more of an education, or the public schools to be able to buy more resources for more of an education? The question will unveil itself, and hopefully in the future public schools will come with higher levels as a private
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