School Climate And Relationships By Marc Funderburk

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School Climate and Relationships by Marc Funderburk
Discussion Post: Week Three
EDCS 824
April 3, 2015

Researchers and educators have identified school climate as an important factor in improving student achievement. Schools that foster high-quality relationships among students and teachers feel safe and secure. If a student feels that a teacher does not care about him or her, this perception will impact the student’s behavior in the classroom.
Problem Statement
Since the implementation of NCLB, educational leaders are being held accountable for their students ' success or failure on mandated state and national standardized tests. The school leader must look at new ways to increase student achievement, including examination of his or her own leadership style as well as the school 's climate. Principals must be able to effectively and efficiently implement school reforms that will improve student achievement. The perception of students, teachers, and parents should be included in the identification and improvement of school climate.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between school climate and the achievement of high school students in core courses as measured by state and national administered assessments. The study will explore the concept of school climate and how it influences what teachers are able to achieve with their students. Implications for the study include helping school leaders understand how to cultivate…
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