School Clothes Essay

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School Clothes

I strongly believe that children should come with an instruction manual in different languages, after all, even the most complicated computer system or VCR has a manual in three to four languages, or more. Granted, sometimes we can't understand the instructions, but we have them and sometimes even a toll-free help line. Now some people would say their own parent would be the help-line but not always does that work out. Our own parents advice can be, shall I say, out-dated; for example, many would suggest to us "new" parents to tell our child, "what we say goes," or "stop that crying or I'll give you something to cry about," or "do it because I'm the parent and I said so," not the desired tone for positive interaction
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Frankly, the whole exchange of dialogue is exhausting and I have given in more times than I'd like to. I'm sure that the lack of a Parenting Manual is not the reason for school uniform codes, but in my household uniforms certainly would make mornings easier. School uniforms have a multitude of rewards and benefits for both the parent and child and should be implemented in all elementary schools. The rewards and benefits far outweigh any negative connotations that opposing adults have. These benefits include: reduced headache and stress in the morning, reduced expense of clothing, increased focus on academics in the classroom, increased building of team spirit among classmates, and the, for lack of a better word, non-discrimination on the popularity poll. I'll begin with exploring the morning ritual and the reward a uniform has on this process. Critics opposed to uniforms would say the solution to the miserable morning is to lay the clothes out at night, hence avoiding such conflicts. This idea sounds good at the outset; however, it just creates conflicts at bedtime so I haven't seen the advantages or solution to this nighttime-ritual. On the other hand, the uniform idea poses some great alternatives; first the choices are limited, usually to a few shirts, sweaters, or sweatshirts, and one or two pairs of pants or shorts, and
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