School Compost Research Paper

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Should schools start having compost at school to help with the reduce the trash of uneaten foods and put it to good use? I think that schools should start doing that because it will help a lot and the compost could be something useful if they need it to grow plants or put better soil in the plants that they already have. Having a compost a school will be a lot work but even it is a lot of work I'm pretty sure that a group of people would be happy to do that work to help the school and help the landfills with trash that some of it can be made into a compost to help the environment. Schools would be helping a lot more things than just reducing the amount of trash that goes into the landfills. Schools should allow a compost to be made even though it might take some taking care of to get it going and keep it going so it can be useful if you are willing to put in time for it.
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