School Consolidation And The Politics Of School Closure Across Communities

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Introduction I am providing an analysis of “School Consolidation and the Politics of School Closure Across Communities” by Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, William R. Black and Claudius B. Effiom (2013). The principal at Roosevelt Neighborhood School, Brian Jones, faced a state wide economic recession, which led to the merge of his school with Scott Magnet School of choice, only two miles east. Even when rumors about budget cuts had been circulating across the school district, when the associate superintendent, Ms. Smith, informed Mr. Jones of the school board’s plan to discuss his school closure, she ordered him not to reveal the information to anyone. However, he was under the impression that, the faculty, deserved an immediate explanation of the situation. Furthermore, he believed that notifying them was, not only imperative, but ethical. Also, Mr. Jones was puzzled by the circumstances surrounding the school closure and the decision to informed him only twenty-four hours before the school board’s meeting. Despite the instructions given to him, Mr. Jones meet with the faculty and explained the difficult situation. After the decision of integrating the schools was final, principal Jones used his leadership skills for the process of communication. He used a multiplicity of methods to inform, the students and their parents, about the process and options that they had to enrolled in a new learning community. Furthermore, he created task forces to

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