School Counseling Model

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School counseling is a profession that may look simple from the outside, but in reality, it is a complex profession that has evolved to become a vital resource for students to have throughout their education. I strongly feel that this is a profession that empowers individuals to make a difference in students’ lives and I am very eager to continue learning and watching myself grow to ultimately become a school counselor.
When first applying to this program, I had a general idea of what school counseling was, but I never knew how many responsibilities a school counselor actually had. When I initially received my copy of the ASCA National Model, I was intimidated and unsure of what to expect. I soon learned that the ASCA National Model is a framework for school counseling programs and helps build a common understanding of what school counselors are responsible for. It consists of four components, foundation, management, delivery, and accountability, that make up the framework of the ASCA National Model and is based on the themes of systemic change, leadership, advocacy, and collaboration (ASCA, 2012). With that said, school counselors hold many more responsibilities than what they were once thought to. As a future school counselor, I now know that my duties go beyond simply helping students when they are experiencing a problem. I will be responsible for helping students achieve their academic, social/emotional, and career goals, which will ultimately help them become successful members of society. MORE????
In conclusion of this class, there are certain things that I found appealing and unappealing about the school counseling
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This is a profession that I find to be very rewarding, but challenging as well. Through my education at Clemson, I feel that I will be ready to take on the responsibilities of being a school counselor and change students’ lives one step at a
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