School Counselor Accountability Essay

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Student Counselor Accountability
Amy Gill
Lamar University

Student Counselor Accountability The ASCA National Model supports the significance for accountability by including it as one of the crucial elements which offer structure and framework for the school counselor and counseling program (ASCA, 2005). The element of accountability, under the ASCA National Model, includes the program audit, school counselor performance evaluation, and results reports. Examining the data acquired through these forces permits counselors to assess the efficiency of the program. Achievement data, attainment or access data, and school culture and climate data are the three types of data that is most widely used in a school counseling
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By examining various data elements, professional school counselors can understand what influences access and attainment. Attainment data helps counselors figure out if a student needs to advance to the next grade and graduate.
School Culture and Climate Data Dollarhide and Saginak state that “school culture and climate data consist of data that reveal information about thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and attitudes such as attendance rates, suspensions and expulsions, staff relations, campus morale, embracing diversity, and campus safety” (2012, p. 110). An enduring positive school climate and culture are essential conditions for fostering learning and positive youth development that results in productive and fulfilling lives. Academic achievement and a positive school climate go hand in hand. I believe that if a school wants to improve their academic success with their students, the school must improve their school climate. The culture of a school should be supportive and caring. Students should feel protected and safe and have trusting relationships counselors, principals, and teachers. Counselors can help with dropout prevention, bully prevention, safe and healthy schools, and guidance.
Cornerstone of ASCA Model There are several ways in which accountability is the cornerstone of the ASCA model. School counselors measure results and use that information to inform program improvement. The counselor also evaluates the programs impact on student

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