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“Counselors assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health, and career decisions and problems” (“Counselors” 1). “While helping students plan for college and careers is part of their job, a guidance counselor’s overall function is to talk to students, give advice, listen to problems, help students develop coping skills and learn to become good problem-solvers and decision-makers on their own” (“Guidance Counselors”). Specifically, school counselors play a major role in the social, emotional, and academic development of their students. This profession interests me for two reasons. First of all, I like to talk with people of all types. Second of all, I am always concerned with the feelings of others. The
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This may be from a first year teacher to a maximum amount after sixteen years. Again, the number of years to get to the maximum level is different from district to district. There is a salary schedule figured for each year of the contract. A negotiated cost of living increase is the basic difference from year to year.

Typically, an average of three personal days and ten sick days are given to the employee each year. There is often a monthly fee for health and dental benefits. Workman’s compensation may be offered as a choice.

A counselor will get a paycheck every two weeks. Most school districts offer an option to get the annual salary divided over either ten months (22 checks) or twelve months (26 checks). Besides the usual deductions, money is taken out for the state retirement fund. The amount of money received during retirement has just increased.

Job Description and Duties

Counseling in schools includes a wide variety of activities and services. The following list will describe the services of a school-counseling program.  Individual Counseling- School counselors provide individual sessions for students to help with educational and personal concerns.  Group Counseling- Students help each other by working in small groups with leadership from the counselor. Students share ideas about issues such as problem solving, educational planning, and peer relationships.  Group
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