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I believe the next important ingredient for multicultural competence is cultural skills. A skilled counselor utilizes the interventions that are client based and which serve clients needs. A positive reaction would be to be connected to those different cultures communication is the key. In multicultural counseling the counselor needs to be more aware his or her limitations in counseling skills. I feel it’s vital to have cultural skills in order to serve multicultural populations in the most productive way to facilitate. By being culturally aware and recognizing how culture will affect the counseling process, this cultural awareness will support the counselor in developing an empathic understanding towards clients. In …show more content…
School Counselors job isn’t to teach students moral rules and values or to prevent students from making their own choices based on their values. Admittedly, it can be a fine line to walk between not imposing our values yet helping students develop social skills and self- understanding that will enhance their efforts to become successful adults. In the leadership role it’s not up to the counselor to fix all problems. All through the years the role the school counselors play in using information uniquely available to them to examine and change current policy and practice. Whether it be course-taking patterns, student placements, or student success and failure rates, school counselors are poised to be key change agents within the school. That is a big job that I feel school counselors don’t get credit for enough. Many times, school counselors are told what to do by administrators who fail to understand the contribution the school counselor can make to the school. If anything that I feel I disagree is that credit that the counselors don’t get. Some of the duties that have historically been assigned to the school counselor are data entry; clerical record keeping; registration and scheduling of all new students; coordinating or administering cognitive, aptitude and achievement tests; responsibility for signing excuses for students who are tardy or absent; performing disciplinary actions; sending students home who are not appropriately

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