School Creates Bad Social And Psychological Habits

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Currently, the United States is ranked 14th in the global educational standard, 17th in educational performance and 24th in literacy, based on average test scores and research done by a trusted Forbes author and journalist, Mark Rice, whose work has been cited in multiple news outlets including the New York Times and several radio shows. (Ranking America, Education). This situation illustrates a problem the country is facing, and that is that our education system has become outdated and inefficient. For students in this country, school is considered nothing more than a task, or a job; resembling a routine that must be completed to move on in life. The problems can be summed up into three ideas. First, School takes up the majority of…show more content…
Most commonly, the reason for this decision was for their financial plan to afford college or another form of secondary education (Youth Employment). For these students, the rigid schedules of traditional education can make it difficult to maintain both work and school tasks at the same time. This can lead to bad habits such as high anxiety, social disorders, and stress. Examples of these habits include sleep deprivation. The American Psychological Association, a leading organization in the study of the brain and its workings, found it “...can affect adults, but, In adolescents...It is likely to be even more dramatic”. (Siri Carpenter). On the other hand , this is why online courses create a flexible schedule that can mold and bend to a student 's needs and situation. Most online courses can allow students to complete their work at anytime of the day, and offer several deadlines depending on the pace of the student. Integrating this alternative form of education gives students time for personal growth, both psychological and socially. Consequently, with more time for activities, students would face lower levels of stress and anxiety and experience more success in their school work and jobs. It is further proven that students with lesser stress and anxiety, and combined with more sleep lead
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