School Curriculum And Programs For Their Secondary Education

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Every year, bright and brilliant students enter or continue in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD) for their secondary education. These are students who are capable of outshining each other with their own unique and various ways. There are students who simply want to graduate. Then, there are also students who are unsure and unconfident about their paths however aiming for high educations. Lastly, there are students who are vigorously passionate and confident aiming for the pinnacle. FCUSD has done their best to optimize school curriculum and programs that appeals to all types of students. The current curriculum is able to provide students proper education followed by the California Curriculum & Instruction as well as help students who are lacking behind – better known as accelerated courses. The current curriculum is working, but is it able to keep up with the fast moving stream of the reputable colleges? Can FCUSD further aid the vigorously passionate and confident student aim for their academic career path by improving the curriculum? Yes, FCUSD is capable of making a different academic acceleration program that encourages outstanding high school students to learn academic subject outside conventional education at a faster rate by means of available resources and/or online courses. The purpose of this program is to give the opportunity for students who finds the conventional education too slow and would like to take higher courses like in community college
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