School Curriculums Should Cover Four Main Areas

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A B C D E F G, Next time won’t you sing with me?’ Oh the alphabet song the one we all know by heart. One of the first songs learned. One’s preschool teacher probably also taught that A is for Apple and B is for Ball. It’s difficult at a young age to perceive the responsibilities and aspects of a preschool teacher. There’s more to a preschool teacher then just fun and games, an adolescent’s safety, learning, and nutrition play a major role in their daily lives. Curriculum is content and experiences offered by a school. A preschool curriculum help children prepare for kindergarten by preparing and developing early literacy skills as well as social skills and many more. Florida Department of Education states pre- school curriculums should cover four main areas which are: Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language, Communication and Lliteracy, and Cognitive Development. Physical development should work on building fine and gross motor skills. Activities that include teaching the child to cut using scissors on a straight line. Thus using the child’s fine motor skills, which is the use of the hands. Now social and emotional development in the curriculum should contain activities that create and inspire: Smith 2 active imaginations, praise and encouragement, and independence. For Language, communication, and literacy, reading
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