School Day In High School

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“Glee club to the lobby, your bus has arrived”, said the lady on the loudspeaker. I was so happy to be leaving this early in the school day, and especially to be going to sing and go to Lake Compounce. It was around 8:40 or 9:00. We walked out of the big front doors of Seymour Middle School and off to the bus that was parked beside the sidewalk. We got on and I was with one of my best friends, Brooke. We were so excited as we pulled off our drawstring bags from our backs and sat down next to each other. After about 15 minutes of sitting on the bus going literally nowhere and doing headcounts of the glee members, we finally started driving out of the school entryway and off into the road. On the way there, the eighth graders at the time were in the back of the bus, singing songs and practicing for our performance. The seventh and sixth graders, us, were in the front were all playing some sort of game with the person next to us. It took a while to get there, to some town I never knew the name of. After lots of games of ISpy we arrived. Maloney High School.
We just got off the bus and did yet another headcount, which I thought was weird considering no one can just get off the bus whenever they wanted, but that was beside the point. We walked in the school, warmed up in some extra practice room with a television that showed who was performing until they called us all in. We sat in the gigantic auditorium way in the back and watched the schools before us. There were two schools

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