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Kyrene School District is one of the top performing districts in the state. Nestled in Tempe, AZ, Kyrene is a school district with 17,831 students. On average our district spends $6,552 per year per student. 28% of students in this district accept reduced price meals. The most common ethnicities in our district identify as White, non-Hispanic or Hispanic. The Kyrene School District believes the primary focus of school is to provide opportunities for each student to learn and to facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to function successfully in our community and complex world.
Kyrene Centennial Middle School is a public school dedicated to achieving the educational goals of our students, while addressing their
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The deviation from a lecture format would turn standard classes into riveting interactive partnerships between students and their teacher. We currently educate 352 students in the 8th grade, all of which would benefit from a more interactive classroom experience. A future class rate of approximately 350 students is expected for the next few years.
Involved students are effective students; they earn better grades, have lower rates of attrition, and help their peers learn more. What better way to engage our student that to have them directly participating with project based learning the in class? I my classroom, specifically, there is a great emphasis in Inquiry Based Learning (IBL); allowing the students to find answers to a new set of problems using prior data and critical thinking skills. I am new to teaching but have already accumulated over 20 hours of professional development in IBL. Clickers would be utilized to review previous information before beginning a new instructional unit, to input their answers after group discussions and/or experiments, as well as students being able to answer questions during short lectures, and as an exit ticket at the end of class. The possibilities are vast, and I look forward to incorporating them into my classroom!
Project Narrative
Our students would

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