School Dress Code And Anti Dress Codes Essay

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Students have been affected by dress codes for many years. Others, for better or for worse, never had to deal with them. It has been debated for years between parents, students, and school systems alike as to whether or not dress codes are appropriate to enforce. This essay will summarize, make an argument, and analyze Krystal Miller’s article on this subject, titled, “School Dress Codes”. “School Dress Codes” is a 1990 article about the issues surrounding various city’s experiences with enforcing a school dress code. In the article, four different high schools in Detroit are examined, as well as a school in Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Depositions from both pro-dress code and anti-dress code persons are included. The opposing end includes Mary Louise Starks, who is in charge of the psychological services for the Detroit school system and says dress codes are not the solution to the violence, “A dress code is a temporary measure that is limited in scope. Students are committing these crimes because they don’t have a sense of power and self-esteem. They steal from their peers to gain control over another person” (qtd. in Miller 87). An example of a pro-dress code student from the article is 17-year-old Jonathon Johns, a senior at Dunbar High School in Baltimore, who says, “Violence isn’t as bad as it was. There’s no way to prove it’s all due to the dress code, but I feel it’s had a big impact” (qtd. in Miller 87). There are several testimonies and

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