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School Community Dress Code Most educational institutions all across the country implement restrictions on what students wear when they are on school grounds. These restrictions include dress codes that address what students can and cannot wear and uniforms with similar outfits. The argument with dress codes and uniforms is that it helps students perform better in school by limiting distractions, while others claim that restricting what a student can wear at school can limit their freedom of expression. The immediate answer to the question “Should schools be able to control what students wear?” is a yes, all schools must-have control over what students wear in the school premise within the bounds of a dress code to establish an…show more content…
The dress code limits the freedom of expression for some students, but the dress code establishes an appropriate learning environment for everyone by reducing distractions, to begin with. All schools require at least some sort of control over what students should wear within the bounds of a dress code to promote a learning environment. Keep in mind that all education institutions are unalike from one another depending on the beliefs, ideologies, location, and various factors. Thus, a standard dress code is utilized in most schools that is determined by the school board. However, the school board rules on dress code can be different and outdated with students’ viewpoints. For example, a board member believes that uniforms provide a sense of community, while students in Neale-Wade Academy in Cambridgeshire outright hate the idea because it’s “childish” (Spencer 1). The best method to address this disparity is for the school to create a referendum for students, teachers, and community members alike. School communities must have the right to determine what is appropriate to wear to school in an ever-changing society. The school community should have a general consensus on the rules of the dress code through a referendum or a survey for the entire community to update and revise rules. Voting is the best method because it provides an opportunity for all community members to make their voices be heard. The surveys or votes will

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