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Dress Code: The Restriction of Expression
Approximately 64% of the United States public education system requires a strict dress code. How does the dress code affect the students and how does it benefit them? Do the students have a say in this dress code policy? Do they have a fair vote on how dress code violations should be addressed? So many questions on how the students defend their rights in the public-school system, yet they cannot have the opportunity to have their opinions heard. Dress code amongst the years have changed amongst the years and not for the better. High School dress code is demoralizing towards females and the consequences are exorbitant.
Dress code has been administrated all across the world and thousands upon
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Cell phones cause a greater distraction in the learning environment, so does that mean that they will create a policy to forbid the use of cell phones in class. Cell phones are a necessity in everyday life as so are clothes. Dressing in patterns and printed shirts in the real world does not make for inappropriate attire in the “real world”. As stated in the Baldwin High School handbook, “Students not wearing a BHS school shirt shall wear a solid colored sleeved shirt or sleeved dress…” (Standards for Dress), it clearly states the inability to use a patterned shirt. As these guidelines are quite vague, students have interpreted this guideline as to wearing a solid colored shirt that is color-blocked. Solid colored shirts but with two different colors on it, shall not be needed to have consequences. Without a clear explanation before the dress code violation, students have the right to dress in the solid colored shirts.
Most of these dress code policies only adhere to the female student body. Females make-up of the students being dress coded due to the fact that females are distractions to the male staff and students, not the learning process. To those educators who claim that dress code is needed in a high school to stop bullying and create a more equal student body has to realize that students are not just judging each other based on their clothes, students judge each other

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