School Dress Code Persuasive Speech

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It’s hard enough already just being a teenager trying to grow up and learn to develop and find yourself in this world; it is quite the tedious task and oh so very difficult. The last thing teenagers need is for their power to express themselves to be ripped from their grasp. Many many students already suffer identity issues.The problem with school dress code and opinions on how things should be done and classified have been around for years and years. So yes, make sure it is within the borders of decency and as long as it doesn't express anything offensive or threatening then let kids wear what they want! Therefore, students should have the ability to dress accordingly and not have to participate in wearing school uniforms. Studies have shown…show more content…
School dress code and uniforms prevent us from being able to exercise our rights of freedom of speech and expression. Because of these rights given to us as U.S. citizens we don’t have to be subjected to conformity. It should be in the parent’s power to be able to deny or reject uniforms. These rights apply to all things and that includes clothing so the school district may not even be able to legally uphold these dress codes. In the court of law the school's rules and regulations may be denied for their reasoning behind the case is not always constitutional. The school and its board are not permitted to take away rights of american citizens, in fact no one is allowed to take citizen rights, so schools shouldn’t be treated any differently. If the choice made reaches the requirements of decency and doesn’t pose a threat then there should be no issue. If the attire meets the minimum requirements of appropriateness then it should be allowed. There is no reason for the student to get ‘dress coded’ because someone doesn't approve of what the t-shirt says, or if there is an insignia on the front right pocket. If that person chooses to wear that let them, constitutionally you have to and clothing is not something worth fighting over! We as citizens are able to exercise the right of freedom of expression and the right of freedom of speech, no one can take that away, nor can anyone limit or regulate it if it doesn't hurt anyone or break any other rules or laws in the
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