School Dress Code Takes Away From Young Girls

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School Dress Code Takes Away From Young Girls. The people who are in charge of creating the school dress code don’t think of girls feelings, or their need to be an individual. There are also some unnecessary rules in schools, and what schools deemed inappropriate or distracting. The schools are taking some of the girls rights away. I believe that the dress code for the younger generation is too focused on girls, and it’s way too strict. Students should not have to wear school uniforms, some schools went for believing it would get rid of competition. Sometimes school forgets to think about the feelings of girls when they tell them that they are violating the dress code. The school administers has been rude about the dress code, and how…show more content…
Schools are slowly taking away people 's individuality, but only seems like they are focusing on girls not boys. “ The way boys and girls get in trouble for violating dress codes is different and girls are disproportionately targeted for disobeying it” (“Rosalind Classroom Conversation”). Rosalind agrees that girls are targeted for dress codes more than boys are. In a girls point of view it seems unfair that boys can wear anything they would like, for example muscle shirts, shirts with alcohol, shirts with naked women on them, but not even get dress coded or a warning (Bassett). Meanwhile, a student that was a girl gotten dress coded because her collarbone was showing and it was deemed that it was inappropriate, even after her mother brought her a scarf in that covered her collarbone (Alvarez). Another student which was also a girl got dress coded because her skirt was a few centimeters under her finger tip. They had to send her home, she had missed all her classes and what they were teaching that day because of what they thought it was inappropriate (Bassett). Analuiza states that “ The only reason I go to school is to get my education. When I get dressed in the morning, my intention is not to provoke or be sexualized. My intention is to feel comfortable in my own skin” (Bassett). As a girl I believe that Analuiza is correct with what she had stated, that girls should be able to feel comfortable, and not be sexualized or feel like they are

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