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A dress code is simply a set of rules about what clothing may or may not be worn to a school that each student has to follow. Almost every school has a dress code that their students have to follow by during the school hours. Whether the students want to follow it, the policy can help them for a job in the future, because they know what is expected of them. Dress codes in high schools in the United States should be enforced to promote equality to every student to improve his or her educational and social experience. For example a school over reacted with their dress codes for homecoming. In Utah, “Twenty-four girls were asked to leave” even though their dresses were not short or revealing (Ramos). “Although the school believed that the dresses that they wore were not approved by the dress code”(Ramos). This is the…show more content…
The Vietnam War was one of the most devastating wars. “Students decided to wear black armbands though the holiday season and to also fast on December sixteen through New Year's Eve”( “The school planned to meet on December fourteenth to create a policy to ask any student who wears an armband to take it off, or they will be sent home”( “The students did not return till New Year’s Day”( “John Tinker wore his black armband and was given the result of suspension”. John wore the armband to show peace, but the school disagreed. The school did not stop John, he continued to wear the armband. Eventually the parents of John sued the school corporation. The parents and others ended the protest roughly. The students parents sued the schools district for violating the student's right of expression and left the school district was in the wrong for discipling the students. The district court dismissed the case, and held the school district’s actions were reasonable. At the end the parents were disappointed that the court could not handle the case how they wanted it

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