School Dress Codes: Good or Restraining? Essays

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School Dress Codes Final Paper
As the society that we live in today grows and becomes more accepting of the different ways people act, groom, and dress, we look to expand the policies we have in place in our schools regarding the ways our students are allowed to present themselves in the classroom. Each different school has their own dress code that they expect their students to follow. Most private schools require that students wear a uniform to school they also have regulations on what type of clothes is acceptable attire to wear to school. In addition to clothes, schools also have rules on how students are allowed to wear their hair and makeup (PBS, 1999). In recent years there has been a growing argument about these dress codes and the actual purpose the dress codes serve. For something that shouldn’t be that great of an issue it has been causing problems throughout America and making headlines in newspapers and internet news pages consistently over the past several years. The main intent of dress codes or uniform policies is to protect the students and faculty from dangers like weapons being snuck into schools underneath things such as trench coats or baggy clothes like we saw in the 1999 Columbine shooting (CNN, 2014). According to the article Public School Dress Codes: The Constitutional Debate, over 135,000 guns are brought into schools every day throughout our country (Wilson, 1998). The other intention is to have the school maintain an educational environment. In…