School Dress Codes: Good or Restraining? Essays

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School Dress Codes Final Paper As the society that we live in today grows and becomes more accepting of the different ways people act, groom, and dress, we look to expand the policies we have in place in our schools regarding the ways our students are allowed to present themselves in the classroom. Each different school has their own dress code that they expect their students to follow. Most private schools require that students wear a uniform to school they also have regulations on what type of clothes is acceptable attire to wear to school. In addition to clothes, schools also have rules on how students are allowed to wear their hair and makeup (PBS, 1999). In recent years there has been a growing argument about these dress codes and…show more content…
This is because of high suspension numbers along with the low-test scores the parents and faculty members agreed that something had to change, the vote passed and the mandatory dress code policy would be put in effect for the first time in a public school (Wilson, 1998). This policy started off small but once schools noticed the results that the Long Beach middle school was seeing the policy began to be adopted by more schools throughout the country. In 1994 the state of California passed a state law that would allow schools to enforce a school uniform policy (King, 1998). The following year many states like New Jersey, Texas and Iowa also passed laws like the one in California (King, 1998). Each state that has these laws in place has similar requirements for the schools to follow. For instance, California requires that the schools that do have mandatory uniforms ensure that the uniforms are a fair price allowing low-income families to be able to afford the proper attire for their child to attend the school (King, 1998). Other states like Washington allow parents to opt-out of the school that has the uniform policy. The child can be sent to another school if the parents of the child do not want to send their son or daughter to a school that requires them to wear a uniform (King, 1998). In addition to the mandatory uniform policies states like Iowa have dress code laws that prohibits students from wearing any clothing that in any way are gang

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