School Dropout In High School Essay

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Caps fly up to the sound of the crowd’s applause and screams, this the climax of everyones high school life. In that moment all that is soaked in is joy and accomplishment. The moment when after 12 plus years of school you finally see the hard work payoff. Although for many this moment is filled with joy there is many others that feel nothing but sadness. The difference between the two groups of students is some graduate and some didn't. Many factors go into why these students don't feel like graduating and why they ultimilty drop out of school. Stopping these problems would make a big impact on these students deciding to drop out or not. Many would believe that high school is seen the same way to all students. This is simply unreasonable. Many go through different experiences throughout high school so it's unlikely they all see it the same way. Many times students feel as they they don't even want to graduate. Progress for this begins with the relationship between teachers and students. It would be easy to blame the students themselves as being the sole owners of the blame. The easy answer isn't always the right answer. Talking to local students I found that many of the issues are seen from the students to be because of the teachers. I interviewed a Freshmen in High school starting by asking him how he saw high school. He answered, “High School to me is a great opportunity to talk to friends walk around campus and just have fun.” I then asked if learning in high school was
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