School Education And The State Of Louisiana

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austerity imposed upon collegiate education in the state of Louisiana, the program has succeeded beyond all expectations as graduation data illustrate.
Education. An example of an accelerated program in Education is the one offered at Walden University. The school provides three accelerated MSED specializations to help students complete the degree faster: (1) Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (Grades K-12); (2) Elementary Reading and Literacy (Grades PreK-6); and (3) Teacher Leadership (Grades K-12). The program can be completed, depending on specialization, in as few as 12 months at a cost of about $10,000, a significant tuition savings. Walden’s goal is to have the same academic standards for the accelerated program that is has with its regular programming. Employing self-directed and non-self-directed online coursework, students are trained to help diverse student populations thrive in the classroom by deploying the latest education theories and evidence-based strategies.
Finding the Right Program
More universities now offer online M.S. programs because online education in general has become more accepted and more popular among students, professors and administrators. The coursework and material will be quite similar to what is presented in regular colleges. The big difference is the schedule. Students usually have access to their courses 24 hours per day. They can now handle family and work obligations, and still have time to be students without quitting work
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