School Effectiveness Characteristics Of An Effective School

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School Effectiveness Characteristics During my observation, at my second school, I was able to notice four different characteristics of an effective school. These characteristics are High Expectations, Emphasis on Basic Skills, Orderly School Environment, and Frequent Systematic Evaluation of Student Learning. Out of all seven of the characteristics, these were the four that stuck out more to me. High Expectations is when the teacher believes that their students have the ability to do great things, especially doing well in school. The students know what is expected of them. They know to be quiet and do their homework in manner that isn’t disruptive. These students have set goals for the year and even longer. The school that I observed, the students said that they plan getting good grades on their tests for that Friday. If the students didn’t do so well, they would kind of sad because they worked hard. Also, they know that if the entire class were to get all A’s on their tests, they would get a pizza party. This is when the kids are also determined because they could have a break in class for a little while and have pizza party while getting grades. It helps them strive for better grades, which they know. The two characteristics that I noticed next was Emphasis on Basic Skills and Frequent Systematic Evaluation of Student Learning. These two characteristics are very similar but different, too. While I was at the school, the teacher of the class actually showed me that…
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