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Me, Myself and I: How Does Personality Define Who We Are Spencer Mason MGMT591 Dr. Joe Neptune 1/18/2015 Introduction A question most people have wondered at one point in their life, “why are we the way we are?” Personality defines who we are. It defines every part of our lives, choosing friends, where we work and who we have relationships with. Most of the factors which shape someone’s personality are a result of his/her heredity and the environment in which he/she was exposed to. (Essays, 2013). A LSI (Life Style Inventory) self-description questionnaire was presented, allowing the raw material to be analyzed and examine our way of thinking and how it influences behavior. Our results are…show more content…
I am the type of person who prefers to stay in my comfort zone, avoid uncomfortable situations, and tends to play it safe. Unexpectedly, I even found that my avoidance style was prominent in my daily decision making as a manger. For example, in my current position I have run into various situations where it is imperative to make a decision quickly, leaving little time to think. In these specific instances, I would find myself looking to others for their opinions in order to help me make my decisions, rather than feeling confident with my own thought process. I think this stems from a fear of failure, and anxiety about what others will think of me if I make the wrong decision. I need to remember that employee's look at leaders for answers because they lead, not because they follow. One goal for the future is to improve on my self-confrontation skills. Instead of avoiding uncomfortable situations, I want to be able to attack challenges head on without hesitation. Now let's take a look at the four functions of management. According to Robbins and Judge (2012), “all managers perform four management functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling” (p. 6). The planning function focuses on developing goals, strategizing ways of achieving them, and coordinating a plan. After looking back over the various LSI styles, I found that the achievement style best represents the role of
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