School Facilities

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction The quality of education depends on school facilities and instructional material. It is the process of students learning. The quality of a school’s environment and its facilities has a strong influence on students’ learning. Besides regular use in organizing and managing a school’s activities, records of a school’s physical facilities and material resources such as furniture and equipment can provide data to derive many indicators for assessing the quality of education in a school. School facilities can actually have a substantive impact on learning process. School facilities can be defined as those things that enable the teacher to do his/her work very well and helping the learners to learn effectively. School…show more content…
The dearth of instructional materials is affecting core topics such as math, English, history and science, according to a report given to the Board of Education. In Davao del Norte, more particularly at the Bukidnon State University Sto. Tomas External Studies Center, school facilities are the problem of some students, Especially the Bachelor of Arts major in English students who don’t have a speech laboratory, and lack of books and EMC. The school doesn’t have any speech laboratory that is very essential for the English majors. It also lack of books, it has only a total of 4,700 books in the library. In the library it has only four computers that available for the students to use for research. They don’t have also projectors or Over Head Projector (OHP) in classrooms. The findings in this research study provided data on the relationship between school facility and learning environment and how growing school districts can effectively address or plan for students’ learning needs with the appropriate facilities. The quality of public school facilities was important to the discussion about school infrastructure. We were not just speaking about the buildings themselves, but what we need these buildings for—the knowledge creation and transfer of learning (Filardo, 2008). Statement of the Problem This study surveyed the relationship between the School Facilities and its effect towards the learning
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