School Food : Neither Nutritious Nor Delicious

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School Food: Neither Nutritious nor Delicious White brick walls, too small desks, the faint sound of gossip in the background, and the unmistakable scent of white board markers leave no guess as to where I am. I glance around to see that most people have finished their worksheets and are desperately waiting for the bell to release us to lunch. Ring. Ring. Finally, we were free to walk to lunch. As we walked into the lunchroom we are bombarded by the absolutely tantalizing scent of… mystery meat. Nothing quite compares to high school lunches. The only place in the world where ketchup counts as a vegetable and a slice of processed cheese is a full serving of dairy. I walk through the line and grab my meal; the same thing that I got every day. Chicken sandwich, french fries, a bag of chips that I have to pay extra for, and whatever fruit they required us to take. Honestly, I was a little scared to try any of the other things that they offered. Everything they offer looks just gross, the pizza they offer drips grease, the salad isn’t washed, and you never knew what you might get in the hot lines. “At least I’m not an athlete though,” I think grimly as I watch two football players take two trays of food each. Nothing here offers enough calories to keep them going for practice. I sit down and actually look down at what I grabbed. Limp sweet potato fries and a bruised apple make for a very appetizing meal. School lunches in public schools should be held to a

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