School For Good And Evil Essay

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The School for Good and Evil Was written by Soman Chainani and is a fantasy, this story takes place mostly at the School for Good and Evil but it also takes place in Gavaldon.
The two major characters are Sophie and Agatha, Sophie and Agatha are both best friends and are both 12. Sophie loves princes and dresses however Agatha liked the color black, her cat, and graveyards. Agatha was pale and had jutting bones, while Sophie had waist long hair color spun of gold, her green faded eyes, and her luscious red lips.
Some of the other characters are the School Master, Beatrix, and Tedros. The school master is the person who runs both of the schools. Tedros is the one who Sophie has a crush on and thinks is her prince, Beatrix also has a crush on
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Sophie saw the bird from the evil side come toward her and pick her up. Agatha was carried away by a bird but instead was brought to the school for good. At that very moment, they knew that they had a mix up and where in the wrong school. Both Sophie and Agatha thought they would realize their mistake eventually. However many time passed and they never realized the mistake, Sophie even tried to pretend she was Agatha so that she could sneak in but they caught her. All but one person believed she was evil which was Tedros. When Sophie met Tedros, she automatically knew he was her prince. Tedros thought of a variety of plans to get Sophie out of the school for good, he even blushed around her. One day Sophie thought that Tedros liked Beatrix. The first thing Sophie did to try to fix this problem was that she asked Agatha to make a love spell. Agatha refused to do this multiple times but ended up doing it. The nest day she tried to sling shot the potion at Tedros but she missed. Instead of hitting Tedros, she hit Beatrix. Unfortunately, that isn’t the worst part for Sophie, the worst past was when he figured out, he was so humiliated, and at that very moment he lost his trust for
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