School Funding For High School

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Leaving middle school can be very exciting for most of the young adults as they turn over their life into high school. High school can be a very long path, with great memories, and great experiences. But not everyone goes through the same thing everyone expects too. A big issue that is according to now in new generations of young teens in high school is teens dropping out of school. Many teens take the decisions of not continuing in going on with high school because they are around bad influences that cause them not to go to school. In addition having no support from parents or family members. The school funding can also be a problem, they may not have enough funds for programs to keep students busy after school. When teens start meeting new friends in a new high school, they meet different type of people. Young teens have different plans about their future and education. Not everyone thinks the same; even though they are in the same age. When teens start hanging out with other teens that have been getting into trouble beginning in their middle school days. They influence the other teens into bad influences. That 's when they create a little group of bad influence students that beginning ditching school, that then results in drop outs. Teens that are already bad influences use drugs and alcohol. They begin in getting addicted to drugs in which they can 't concentrate in school anymore. When education is not important to them they don 't do their homework and don 't…

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