School Funds for Athletics Cut Essay

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According to Up2Us, a New York-based nonprofit that promotes youth sports, from 2010-2011 more than $3.5 billion in athletic funding was cut. This has been the case across America impacting athletics from youth sports all the way up to high school and college level athletics. To have more money for school funding, schools are using athletics as a scapegoat to have enough money to fund school based activities (“Baker”). Lack of funding, due to the recession’s budget cuts, for high school athletics is ultimately hindering sports teams potential, but with more efficient fundraising, better implementation of Title IV, and more athletic facility fundraising groups, a solution could be reached.
The onset of club athletics, showcase sports, and college skills camps in the recent decade has caused more athletes to get noticed outside of high school athletics. This puts less emphasis on high school teams and getting noticed during the correlating season in high school. Parents are forking out money to club and showcase teams during the offseason from high school sports and come time for the high school’s season, parent’s wallets are burned out and they are giving less money to booster clubs to support the high school team. Local showcase and travel teams in the Greensboro, NC area are charging $1500-$4500 annually to provide players the opportunity to develop and become a better athlete in their respective sport. When the high school season approaches and booster clubs are offering…