School Governors, Senior Management Team, Other Statutory Role

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1. Explain the strategic purpose of: School Governors, Senior Management Team, other statutory role e.g. Senco, Teachers and Support staff roles.

School Governors
The governing body have a range of duties and responsibility within the school, this includes the conduct of the schools and to promote a high standard of educational achievement at the schools, as the schools accountable body they provide a strategic view of the school by establishing a vision, they set the purpose and aims of the school within an agreed policy framework. The school governors appoint and performance manage the head teacher. They also agree on the school’s improvement strategy such as setting targets with supporting budgets and staffing structures. The governors also sign off the self-evaluation process and they will respond to school’s improvement service and Ofsted reports as and when necessary.
Senior management
This is a team normally made up of the head teacher and the deputy head. However, it does depend on the size of the school as the team may be a lot bigger and a lot more varied. Often within this team we may find assistant head teachers or even senior teachers who are responsible for particular things like leading one of the key stages or even something like all the assessments across the school. The role of senior management team is to set the strategic direction of the school and then to manage this, they will lead any changes and they will generally make sure that the school is doing…
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