School History

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It is said that the best preparation for a child’s future begins in school. Throughout the United States there are many different types of schools, ranging from Preschools to Universities. The first schools were established, in what is now the United States, in the early 1600’s by colonist who came from Europe. They set up private schools to teach reading, writing, and religion. In 1636, the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded Harvard College, the first institution of higher learning in the American Colonies. In 1647, Massachusetts passed the first law in the colonies requiring the establishment of public schools. The law required every town with at least fifty families to start an elementary school for all children. In addition, every town …show more content…
Most of the activities prepare the children for kindergarten and elementary school. The school helps and teaches the children how to learn to work and play together. They also teach children the important skills they will need later on in school. Nursery schools also called child-care, or day-care centers, have been set up in many communities. Only a certain amount of these centers can provide care for children and do not offer planned educational programs (Public). Kindergartens teach children during the year before they begin their elementary education. Like nursery schools, kindergartens are sometimes called preschools. Many states require all elementary school districts to have kindergartens, which are considered a part of elementary education. Most children that start kindergarten are usual five years old. Many children start kindergarten after nursery school. For some other children kindergarten is their first real school experience (School). Elementary schools provide education such as basic subjects like arithmetic, science, social studies, and communication skills; including reading, writing, spelling, and speaking. Most elementary schools have six or eight grades and teach children from age six to age twelve or fourteen. This type of elementary school, also called grammar school, includes students of about the same age who are all in the same grade (Butts). Some
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