School Is A Museum Of Virtue

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According to Waller, school is a museum of “virtue”. There exists a conflict between telling “reality” and “lies” of the world because many consider that they must keep their kids and adolescents from the contaminated sides of the world. Also, it is important to emphasize the positivity of the world in school, because adolescents should be treated with care, warmth, and receive mostly the positive sides of the world. He states that having constraints on which contents should be displayed does limit the school’s ability in influencing the students. One of the reasons is that if students do not learn in school enough about what to expect when they enter the real society later, this hinders them socially for not having prepared in advance. These moral characters and function of schools can be strongly affected by the community they are in. As explained in the reading, because there are economic gap differences between any families in any society, this difference becomes very visible, especially in school. Because there are cultural differences between the classes, students who do not have abundant material resources can be disadvantaged socially in school unlike those who are rich. These unavoidable environments can possibly limit the moral functions of a school where students encounter the social inequality.
Other than this, teachings having constraints on the belief due to the moral characteristic of school structure itself, this can limit the good influence a teacher can
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