School Is A Place For Students

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School is a place for students to earn academic knowledge and learn communicated skills between students. It should be an equal place and safe for every student, but unfortunately, there are many conflicts that happen daily at school. It can be between a student and another student where the school officers cannot control such as peer pressure, fashion competition, classifying distinctly between rich and poor students, and judging or teasing among students. These student behaviors can lead to students dropping out or feeling overwhelmed and refusing to go to school. For example, Kacey, who is ten years old, stopped going to school after she had spilled ketchup on her new white Capri pants by a group of girls at lunchtime; Phoebe Prince, who was 15 years old, committed suicide after being humiliated and called “Irish whose” and “stupid slut” by other students (Tyre). In addition, in recent several years, if we follow daily news on TV or newspapers, there are a ton of tremendous incidents happens at schools throughout the 50 states about bullying, and shooting such as 13 years old boy used a knife against his friend’s throat; Christian Taylor who is 16 years old was bully by classmate (Tyre). These issues should want us to think and answer questions about what we should do to improve bullying. In 1996, Clinton provoked publish school by his challenge in his speech “If it means that teen-agers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should
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