School Is An Important Part Of Our Lives

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School is an important part of our lives. School help prepare our children for college and later on life in the big world. Since school is such an important part of our lives, there are many types for schools that have been developed with different viewpoints and ways of teaching. First, you have our public schools. Next, is our religious affiliated private schools and our non-religion affiliated private schools. Lastly, are the alternative schools. Public schools are schools that are funded by the state. A majority of students in the U.S. attend public schools. My children attend public schools and in a public school there is no need to pay money to attend public schools. The good things about public schools is that it’s free to attend and they provide their students with school buses for transportation. Although, a bad thing would be if you want your child to attend a certain public school and you do not live their district, then you would have to pay tuition. Private schools are very common especially in foreign countries. In foreign countries schools are private because usually the government does not have the money needed to fund a public school. There are two types of private schools; religious and non-religious private schools. Firstly, private schools are simply schools that are not funded by the state, that have the ability to make their own codes and rules, such as wearing a school uniform. In a religion based private school, the school is based around a certain
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