School Is Not A Prison

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Chau Tran
English 100
C. Kennison
14 January 2015
School is Not a Prison “I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.” This is the lyric of the popular song “The Greatest Love of All” that Whitney Houston sang. Not only do the writers and the singer believe that “children are our future,” but everyone does. Children are big influences that help maintain and develop our country when they grow up. Therefore, children need to be educated well in order that they all become well-rounded, successful and contribute to society. However, educational system is always a controversial topic that many people concern. In “Against School,” John Taylor Gatto who is a schoolteacher names New York State Teacher of the Year gathers many evidences and personal narrative in order to prove that educational system “cripple our kids.” Although educational system does not create incentives for children to think critically, it does not promote conformity and “groupthink” because it helps them to develop their capacity to achieve their goals and become a useful part of society.
First of all, children need to build an educational foundation from the beginning. As we know, children’s development is different. For example, some children know how to walk and talk when they are two years old, but some know how to talk until they are four or five. Gatto suggests that we should encourage children to be curious, take…
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