School Leadership Roles And Responsibilities

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School leadership roles and responsibilities have continued be broadened and redefined in today’s society. In addition to the federal and state mandates for student proficiency in general populations of students and sub groups of populations, school leaders are being held responsible either directly or indirectly to shape the character and ethical fabric of today’s young people. School leaders are held accountable with high-stakes state assessments, parent and teacher surveys, and state requirements to provide school buildings with proficient learners, a positive culture, and safe surroundings. School leaders must appropriate character education programs for teachers, staff, and their learning community. When effective character education…show more content…
Ryan and Bohlin (1999) provide some fundamental groundwork in character education with sample programs from Tigner, an overview of virtues from Stenson, and an educator’s affirmation from Boston University. Educators and leaders have a vast amount of tools and curricula at their disposal in their endeavor to educate students with a strong character foundation. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to determine if school leadership trains and educates teachers, staff, and students on the use of an effective character education program and fully implements the program over a period of time, whether or not there is a positive effect on student achievement and behavior. The researcher will compare academic testing data and office referral decline before and after the implementation of the character education program. The data will be analyzed to determine if there was a significant positive effect on student behavior and overall academic achievement due to the implementation of a character education program. The data will compare growth between testing periods in which the character education program was implemented and when it was not.

Problem Statement
Effective character education programs in public schools are a necessity to help build positive behavior and help improve overall student achievement. Principals and school leaders in a public school system must train and educate their students, teachers, and staff through the use of an
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