School Liabilities and Fire Drills in School

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Fire drills are prescribed by statute in an effort to provide protection for the school age population. Statutes in every jurisdiction require that fire drills take place throughout the school year so that the students, teachers and staff will be prepared to address contingencies in the event that there was an actual fire (Mich. Comp. Laws). In an effort to create as much realism as possible, the fire drills are conducted at unannounced intervals and are conducted under the strict supervision of local fire departments. Individual teachers would have no knowledge of what time and which day fire drills were going to be scheduled. In the instant case, the involved teacher was responding to what was described as an emergency outside the classroom. The facts presented do not indicate whether she asked for a teacher from an adjoining classroom to supervise her classroom in her absence which would have been the preferred course of action but her failure to do so has only minimal effect on any potential liability by either the individual teacher or the school. In order for the school or teacher to be found liable it will be necessary to prove that but for the school's or teacher's actions the child in question would not have been injured (Barrios, 2007). Under ideal conditions the teacher would have been present in the classroom and available to supervise the actions of the students. Unfortunately, there was…
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