School Library Vs. School Libraries

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The overall goal of any school library is to provide a space where students can grow and learn through the use of various information resources. School libraries, their funding and involvement in schools has changed in the past decades and continues to change and grow into the future. With the continual shift towards using more technology and the way in which we are consuming and using information only enhances the need for school libraries to continue to play a vital role in providing access to information and ideas for our students, teachers and schools. As technology continues to change and affect the needs of students and teachers, it is important for school libraries to embrace that change and participate in the change while still remembering their overall purpose and serving the students and community to the best of their ability.
First, it is important to establish and understand the history, standards, and evolution of school libraries and school media specialists in the United States. School libraries have a history of constant change and fluctuating support. The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) became a subset of the American Library Association in 1951 (Taylor, 2015). Shortly thereafter, they published standards for school libraries that emphasized that school library media programs should be student centered, focusing on enriching the development of individual students. The school librarian’s role should include that of teacher, being jointly…
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