School Lunch And Breakfast Programs Essay

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Thomas Edison, a world-renowned inventor, once said: “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition” (Norton). While medicines and antibiotics can be very useful in certain situations, nutrition is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, many students cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle due to a lack of nutrition in school foods. In order to solve this problem, stricter standards must be implemented into school lunch and breakfast programs. To effectively improve the nutritional value of foods offered by both primary and secondary schools, stricter legislation must be enforced by the United States Government. While it may seem that nutritional problems are only affecting schools in the United States, many other nations are experiencing similar problems. For example, many schools in Wales do not provide healthy, nutritious choices for their students. According to the National Foundation for Educational Research, 17/26 secondary schools in Wales offer chips on a daily basis and 22/26 secondary schools in Wales offer cakes on a daily basis” (Nicholas, et al. 38). Offering these unhealthy choices to students will oftentimes mislead them into picking those choices over healthier options. This statistic helps show the enormity of the nutritional problem with foods in schools. Not only does this problem affect students in America, but it also affects students in other countries, such as
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