School Lunches Essay

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Where does our school lunch really come from?
Have you ever asked yourself, “is this school serving me actually healthy food?.” Well let me tell you, you wouldn’t be the first to ask. Our schools get us our lunch with the help of an organisation call The National School Lunch Program (NSLP). All schools lunches must meet meal patterns and nutrition standards based on the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans in order to receive the help from this organisation (As said in the NSLP website). What that means is that depending on the meal pattern, the availability of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain in the school menu. The meal patterns dietary specifications also set specific calorie limits to ensure age-appropriate meals for all grades from K-12, and other enhancements include gradual reductions in the sodium content of the meals. What I'm trying to say is that the NSLP only tells the school to reach the required a necessary amount of nutrients, and calories, etc., but it's the school are the ones that decide from where they get the food we eat.
As is said in the FRAC; all public and nonprofit private schools and all residential child care institutions can participate in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. All students in any
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But the NSLP only gives the schools money and the requirements for the school lunch, but they don't actually see what they school does with the food; so it's a little bit of the NSLP fault because they don't tell the schools what they should actually be doing with the food that they give them; and they aren't really caring about what the students are
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