School Lunches: Should They Be Reformed?

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One of the most controversial issues today is the question of how to address childhood obesity. Because of the large proportion of meals that children, particularly low-income children, consume in schools, cafeteria food has been targeted by dietary reformers as in need of a major overhaul. However, while many different types of new school menus have been proposed, the extent to which healthier foods can be offered remains controversial. Opponents to reform state that children will not eat healthier lunches, and that changing the food that children eat will have minimal impact, since the children will either bring food from home or eat food at home that is more 'kid friendly.'
Summary and response
One of the most notable advocates of school reforms is British chef Jamie Oliver, whose 'food revolution' popularized on his prime time reality TV show highlighted the lack of nutritious school food in many areas of the country. Oliver's program has drawn the ire of many critics liberal as well as conservative. One critic, Chez Pazienza, a fan of Oliver, as a chef, found the project to reform school lunches to be a rather disturbing limitation on children's personal freedoms. "I get the argument that little good comes from giving kids milk that pumps them full of sugar and empty calories, but is an outright ban on it really the way to go? What about the child who just likes chocolate milk and can actually…

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