School Management System

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SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROJECT REPORT By- PRAVEEN SHEKHAR PANKAJ PANDEY PUNEET KUSHWAHA NEERAJ CHAUDHARY Under Able Guidance of- Mr. S.S. Soam Department of Computer Science & Engineering Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow Institute of Engineering & Technology Lucknow Abstract We propose a system that shall enable a SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYASTEM interfaced with a computer to be managed remotely using personal computers. A client running on the user's computer would connect to a central server, over an Internet connection. The user could then use a HTTP protocol from a personal computer to connect to the central server, and issue requests for borrowing books. In this report we describe a system - the web enabled software that…show more content…
When people have a good connectivity at their disposal, with tremendous power of distributed computing to supplement the same, we can think of “connecting their personal computers to the real world applications of managing school or any institute". With this, people would be able to connect and disconnect, and manage the handling of school at their home even from a distant place. One of the very basic examples of a utility of this is – there is no old file system now,every task is now online. Students can deposit their school fees online now either by credit/debit cards or by internet banking via bank gateway.Student registration will be online,Hostel allotment,Mess bills,Libray management will all come under this. 1.1 Few Terms This Project is a web application developed for managing Institute of Engineering & Technology. This project will work as an interface between the students and faculty members of the college . It will be able to keep the records of all the students, their attendances,salaries of faculty members,mess bills of students,data about hostels, and will allow them to register themselves on our site to seek for the study materials from library even. This Project chiefly focuses on: School: A school is a collection of students,faculties, information, sources, resources, and services: it is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. The School Management System: School
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